Essential Hand Tools for Your Van Conversion

Measuring and Marking:

Tape Measure:

Stanley FatMax 25′ Tape Measure: This product boasts a high-quality blade that is designed to last for a long time, ensuring that you can rely on it for all your cutting needs. It also features a locking mechanism that keeps the blade securely in place, preventing any accidental slips or injuries. Moreover, the fractional and metric markings on the blade make it easy to measure and cut precisely, giving you complete control over your work. The markings are designed to be easily readable, so you don’t have to strain your eyes while using it. Additionally, the comfortable grip of the tool ensures that you can work with it for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or strain on your hands. All these features make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use cutting tool.
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Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure 25′: This product features a blade that stands out for better visibility, a magnetic hook that makes it easy to attach, and dual-sided printing. It is an ideal choice for professionals who require high-quality tools for challenging projects..
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Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Tape Measure 25′:This measuring tool boasts a lifetime warranty, a blade that rolls smoothly, and a powerful magnet that allows for hands-free measuring. It is specifically designed for frequent use and demanding environments, making it highly durable and reliable.
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Starrett 12″ Steel Ruler: Made from durable steel for long-lasting use, with clear inch and metric markings. Features a low-glare finish and a comfortable grip for precise measurements.
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Stanley 12″ Folding Ruler: Compact and portable, this ruler folds down for easy storage and features a built-in level for added functionality. Perfect for taking measurements on the go.
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Johnson Level & Tool 12″ Aluminum Ruler: Lightweight and rust-resistant, this ruler has clear markings and a convenient level vial for checking horizontal alignment. Ideal for woodworking and carpentry tasks.
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Torpedo Level:

Kapro 850G Torpedo Level: Highly accurate with a sensitivity of 0.005°, this level features vials for both level and plumb checks. Durable construction and a comfortable grip make it a professional-grade option. (Product Link)

Empire 400 Level: Offers excellent accuracy with a sensitivity of 0.005° and vials for level, plumb, and 45° angles. Compact and lightweight, this level is ideal for everyday use. (Product Link)

Stanley FatMax 16″ Level: Affordable and reliable, this level features vials for level and plumb checks and a comfortable grip. A good choice for DIYers and occasional use. (Product Link)

Combination Square:

Starrett 12″ Combination Square: Made from high-quality steel for durability, this square features a ruler, level, square, and scriber. Precise markings and a comfortable grip make it a versatile tool for various tasks. (Product Link)

Johnson Level & Tool 12″ Combination Square: Offers a good balance of affordability and functionality with a ruler, level, square, and scriber. Durable construction and a comfortable grip make it suitable for everyday use. (Product Link)

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Combination Square 12″: Designed for professional use, this square features a precision-ground blade, vials for level and plumb checks, and a comfortable grip. Ideal for demanding projects and frequent use. (Product Link)

Center Punch:

Stanley Automatic Center Punch: This center punch features an automatic spring-loaded mechanism for effortless marking. Adjustable impact force and a comfortable grip make it user-friendly. (Product Link)

Irwin Quick-Change Center Punch: This center punch allows for easy switching between different tip sizes for various materials. Durable construction and a comfortable grip make it a versatile tool. (Product Link)

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Center Punch: Designed for professional use, this center punch offers precision marking with a hardened steel tip and a comfortable grip. It’s built to last and withstand demanding tasks. (Product Link)

Cutting and Fastening:

  • Utility Knife: With sharp, replaceable blades for diverse materials.
  • Hacksaw: Choose the right blade type for metal or woodcuts.
  • Screwdrivers: Set with various sizes and tip types (Phillips, flathead, Robertson, Torx).
  • Wrenches: Combination wrenches in standard and metric sizes.
  • Spring Clamps: Different sizes for holding materials for gluing or drilling.
  • Ratchet Clamps: Strong, adjustable clamps for heavy-duty tasks.

Demolition and Prying:

  • Hammer: Weight suitable for your needs (16oz for most tasks).
  • Pry Bar: Different thicknesses and widths for leverage in various areas.
  • Flat Pry Bar: For smaller tasks and tight spaces.

Additional Tools (Depending on your project):

  • Aviation Snips: For clean cuts in thin sheet metal.
  • Nibbler: For intricate cuts in thin sheet metal.
  • Chisel & Mallet: For demolition and shaping wood.
  • Wire Strippers & Crimpers: For electrical work.


  • Choose quality tools for durability and safety.
  • Invest in comfortable handles and safety features.
  • Get a variety of sizes and types to handle different tasks.
  • Research and choose tools specific to your van conversion needs.