Leading the Pack: The Premier Business Schools in Texas

In the latest U.S. News rankings for 2024, the best business schools in Texas have been comprehensively listed, revealing the prestigious institutions that are leading the way in business education within the state 1. Among those featured are notable names such as the University of Texas–Austin (McCombs), and Rice University (Jones), with the University of Texas–Austin (McCombs) taking the top spot at #16 followed closely by Rice University (Jones) at #29 1. This ranking, determined by critical factors including accreditation, affordability, average salary, and prestige, showcases the high standards and quality of business education available in Texas, making it a focal point for prospective students keen on pursuing a robust business education 2.

As the search for the best business universities in Texas becomes increasingly competitive, students need to consider a variety of factors such as program offerings, location, and cost, alongside the business school rankings in Texas 3. This article will provide an in-depth look at each of these top-ranked institutions, highlighting their unique features such as tuition fees, enrollment numbers, and specific program offerings. It’s designed to aid prospective students in navigating their options and making well-informed decisions about where to enroll for their business studies in the Lone Star State 1.

University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business

Overview and Key Features

The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business is renowned for its strong reputation and successful graduates. The school boasts a vast alumni network and maintains robust connections with a variety of industries, which significantly benefits its students and graduates 4.

Academic Programs and Enrollment

The McCombs School of Business offers a diverse array of MBA programs, including full-time traditional two-year, part-time evenings and weekends, part-time off-campus, and traditional executive MBAs. The full-time MBA program enrolls about 300 students each year and is supported by a faculty known for both their teaching prowess and research contributions 56.

Tuition and Financial Information

For the full-time MBA program, tuition is set at $51,238 per year for in-state students and $56,814 for those coming from out-of-state. This financial commitment is an important consideration for prospective students, alongside the cost of living in Austin 6.

Employment and Salary Outcomes

Upon graduation, a notable 80.70% of the full-time program’s graduates are employed, which speaks volumes about the efficacy of the education and networking opportunities provided. The average base salary for these graduates stands impressively at $157,735 6.

Rankings and Recognition

McCombs is highly decorated in various national and international rankings. It holds the #16 spot in the Best Business Schools category by U.S. News & World Report and has achieved top rankings in specialized areas such as accounting and business analytics 678. The school’s Part-Time MBA program is also highly regarded, ranked #7 by U.S. News & World Report in their 2024 rankings 10.

Student Demographics and Diversity

The current student body at McCombs includes 34.1% female students and 65.9% male students. Additionally, 25% of the students are from minority backgrounds, and 12.3% are international students, creating a diverse and global educational environment 6.

Unique Educational Experiences

A distinctive requirement of the school’s full-time program is an academic coursework that includes an international trip, providing students with invaluable global exposure and learning opportunities 6.

Research and Development Centers

McCombs is home to more than 20 centers and initiatives that foster collaboration between professionals and academics to push the boundaries of business research and education 8.

Additional Programs and Opportunities

Besides its acclaimed MBA programs, McCombs offers specialized master’s programs in fields such as finance, marketing, and technology commercialization. These programs are ranked highly across various platforms, reflecting the school’s commitment to providing top-tier business education across multiple disciplines 79.

Contact Information

For more details on programs and admissions, prospective students can reach out to the McCombs School of Business MBA Program at their office in Austin, TX, or through their designated contact channels 10.

Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business

Overview and Key Features

Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business is situated in Houston, the most diverse city in America, offering a unique blend of culture, innovation, and opportunities 14. The school provides a range of programs tailored to meet diverse career paths and interests, including various MBA formats and specialized master’s degrees 14.

Academic Programs

  1. MBA Programs: The school offers multiple MBA options such as Full-Time, Professional, Executive, Hybrid, and Online MBAs, along with dual degree programs like MBA/PSM and MD/MBA 14.
  2. Master of Accounting: This intensive, one-year program is designed to prepare students for the CPA exam, welcoming students from all majors 14.
  3. Ph.D. Programs: Aimed at those aspiring to become faculty members or research scholars, with specializations in fields like Accounting and Finance 14.
  4. Undergraduate Offerings: Includes a Business Major, Business Minor, and an Entrepreneurship Minor, designed for future leaders and innovators 14.

Program Details and Specializations

The Jones School offers a comprehensive range of departments and concentrations including finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more, ensuring students can tailor their education to their career goals 15.

Rankings and Achievements

  • Graduate Entrepreneurship: Ranked #1 by Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine from 2020-2024 14.
  • Career Prospects: Ranked #8 in Best Career Prospects by Princeton Review, 2023 14.
  • MBA Specializations: Ranked #5 in both Best MBA For Finance and Best MBA For Consulting by Princeton Review, 2023 14.

Tuition and Financial Information

The tuition fees vary with the program type—$69,000 per year for the full-time program, $59,000 for part-time, $71,000 for executive programs, and $59,000 total for specialty master’s programs 15.

Employment Outcomes

A strong 82.30% of graduates from the full-time program find employment at graduation, highlighting the effectiveness of the school’s career services 15.

Unique Educational Experiences and Future Plans

  • Rice Business Plan Competition: The world’s largest and richest student startup competition, hosted by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship 17.
  • New Facilities: Plans include constructing a new 110,000 SF building to support the growing business major and other initiatives 17.

Contact Information

For more details or inquiries, prospective students and interested parties can contact Mark Putnam, Assistant Dean, External Relations, at 713-348-3724 or via email at mark.putnam@rice.edu 17.

Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business

Overview and Key Features

Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business is distinguished by its comprehensive range of MBA programs, including One-Year MBA, Two-Year MBA, MBA Direct, Professional MBA, Online MBA, and Executive MBA 201918. Known as the Cox Advantage, the school offers rigorous academics, experiential learning, a global perspective, and strong connections to the Dallas business community 2019. This powerful combination is supported by an extensive network of over 40,000 alumni, mentors, and recruiters, providing students with a significant competitive edge in the job market 20.

Academic Programs and Specializations

The Cox School of Business provides a rich variety of academic offerings. These include Masters Programs, MBA Programs, Undergraduate Programs, Executive Education, and Graduate Certificates 19. A standout feature of the Cox experience is its commitment to experiential learning, where students gain practical insights and connections by engaging directly with industry professionals and corporate leaders 19.

Career Management and Employment Outcomes

The Career Management Center at Cox plays a crucial role in student success, linking students with over 100 companies actively seeking to hire 19. This proactive approach contributes to the impressive statistic that 81.20% of graduates from the full-time program secure employment at graduation 18.

Tuition and Enrollment

Tuition rates at the Cox School of Business are tailored to the variety of programs offered. For the full-time MBA, the annual tuition is $48,394, while part-time students pay $43,128 per year. The Executive MBA program has a total program cost of $120,355, and specialty master’s programs are priced at $45,534 for the entire program 18. The school enrolls 432 students across its diverse MBA and specialty master’s programs 18.

Global Leadership Program and Location Benefits

Located in Dallas, the Cox School of Business is ideally positioned to leverage the city’s vibrant business environment. The school’s Global Leadership Program exemplifies its commitment to international education, treating the world as a classroom and enhancing students’ global perspectives 19.

Rankings and Recognition

The academic excellence of the Cox School is acknowledged in its rankings: No. 34 out of 124 in Best Business Schools and No. 53 (tie) out of 269 in Part-time MBA 18. These rankings reflect the school’s dedication to providing a top-tier education and fostering career success among its graduates.

St. Edward’s University, The Bill Munday School of Business

Academic Programs and Innovative Learning

St. Edward’s University’s Bill Munday School of Business offers a variety of degree programs, including those in the Accounting, Finance and Economics Department and the Management Department. The school is designed to prepare students for today’s dynamic business environment, emphasizing entrepreneurial thinking, social enterprise, innovation management, global collaboration, and business analytics 42. Students can choose from six majors such as Accounting, Business Administration, and Marketing, among others, and also engage in pre-professional programs like Pre-Law or Pre-Medical 44.

Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

The school uses Austin as a vibrant laboratory for experiential learning, providing students with internships, service learning, and study abroad opportunities 46. This hands-on approach is supported by partnerships with local organizations such as Capital Factory and Impact Hub Austin, which help integrate real-world experiences into the curriculum 42. Additionally, the school is committed to having all students participate in experiential learning, fostering a practical understanding of business concepts 45.

Faculty and Student Support

The faculty at The Bill Munday School of Business are not only dedicated educators but also experienced industry professionals and scholars. This blend of academic and practical expertise helps students become skilled and confident business professionals 42. The school supports its students through various resources, including undergraduate and graduate advising, and maintains a student-faculty ratio of 15:1 to ensure personalized attention 45.

Career Development and Opportunities

Internship opportunities are plentiful, allowing students to build networks and apply their skills in real-world situations 43. After graduation, students are well-prepared to pursue careers in diverse fields such as IT management, banking, or nonprofit work 43. For those looking to further their education, the school offers a pathway to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after acquiring at least two years of work experience 43.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Recognizing the financial challenges students may face, The Bill Munday School of Business provides specific scholarships like the Accounting Scholarships for majors in that field 45. Additionally, the school offers internships for academic credit and professional certifications to enhance students’ learning experiences and career readiness 45.

Global Perspective and Ethical Leadership

Aligning with its mission to deliver a values-based education integrated with liberal arts and Holy Cross traditions, the school aims to develop ethical future business leaders with a global perspective 46. This is reflected in its diverse program offerings and the emphasis on global business issues in its curriculum 4346.


Through this comprehensive exploration of the top business schools in Texas, it’s evident that each institution offers unique strengths and opportunities, tailored to foster leadership, innovation, and practical business acumen among its students. From the rigorous academic programs and global learning opportunities presented by the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business to the entrepreneurial spirit championed by the University of Houston’s C. T. Bauer College of Business, the diversity in program offerings ensures that prospective students can find a path that resonates with their career ambitions and educational needs. The key takeaway from this article is the importance of aligning one’s educational pursuits with institutions that not only provide exemplary academic and research facilities but also actively facilitate strong industry connections and career advancement opportunities.

As future business leaders step into a highly competitive global market, the value of choosing the right educational foundation cannot be overstated. The detailed insights into tuition costs, program specifics, and the strategic advantages offered by each school underscore the broad implications these factors have on students’ academic and professional success. Whether it’s through fostering strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, providing cutting-edge research opportunities, or facilitating impactful industry networking, these Texas business schools are equipped to propel students toward fulfilling and dynamic careers. In contemplating the next steps in business education, prospective students are encouraged to consider how the unique offerings of each school align with their personal and professional goals, setting the stage for a vibrant future in the business realm.


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